He broke into the profoundly serious Nigeria’s gospel music landscape with his evergreen hit single entitled Ekwueme, including Sis Osinachi Nwachukwu.

In the dazzling melody, the omnipotence of God was additionally clarified, where God was depicted as “the extraordinary disguise who dresses himself.”

At the point when he mounted the Dunamis raised area in 2018 to play out the tune, Ekwueme in 2018, much to his dismay that he was en route to fame. In the video, most individuals were in tears. Dr. Mrs. Bec ache could be seen absorbed the soul.



Since the arrival of the single, this music serve has gone far and wide lecturing Jesus through music and he’s not yielding on his paddles.

Aside from ‘Ekwueme’, different melodies by Prospa additionally increased enormous prevalence, ‘The Great I Am’ and ‘Everything Belongs to You’ were the most well known.

Obscure to many, Ochimana hailed from Igala talking some portion of Kogi State.

He Studied Linguistics and Languages at the Nasarawa State University

A devoted music serve in Dunamis International Gospel Center, Ochimana is a customary priest in a large portion of Dunamis occasions, including, Nation’s Worship, Music Ministers’ Conference, Kingdom Power and Glory Conference, Worship, Words and Wonders’ night.

He is a customary visitor in many houses of worship and campaigns


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