FrankLight is a gospel minister and a song writer with a divine mandate to replicate the Light (Jesus) and the authority of the Kingdom Gen 1:28. Hails from Ofu LGA Kogi state, currently based in Lagos Nigeria. God has blessed many lives via the songs he has released over the years.

The fulfilment of every lives on Earth is a response to the principal of destiny. A lion can never have a fulfilled life living in the water neither can a fish fulfils it’s destiny leaving on a dry land. Beyond position, power, fame and all life’s acquisitions by men, without the Light (Jesus) you still lack the real life, in the entire human race, both rich and poor, small and old, all seeking for the best of life and that can only be found in Jesus Christ. In him dwells the fullness of life, in him we live, move and have our being. I came to realise there wouldn’t have been a life without Jesus, his worth in my life is likened to the air I breathe, because he is the life I live. This conciousness echoes in my heart at a high frequency culminating into an Harmony and by the power of the Holy Spirit, it turned to be a song.

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There’s a longing in my heart
Only you can satisfy
No one do me like you do
In a dry and thirsty land
Where there’s no water
My soul thirst for thee.

Let me be lost in you
Lead me in your way
Take me to the place
Where you are.

Lord I seek for more of you
Help me to know you more

If you resist me, who else can assist me
Jesus, I need you to survive
If you push me away, who else can pull me back
Jesus, I need you to survive
You are my respirator
You are my oxygen
Jesus, I need you to survive
You are the life I live
You are my all in all
Jesus, I need you to survive

You are my Obsession Jesus
I want to be more like you.


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