We are in the generation, where pastors and apostles will tell you to do what they said and don’t do what they do.

This is my generation where after fornication men of God will climb the pulpit and still preach the Gospel of Christ without fear.

My generation where there is no regard for the holy Spirit.( A brother and sister will be on the bed fornicating yet speaks in tongues at the same time to make people think they are praying).

The generation where Ministers of the Gospel of Christ and the holy music Minister’s are now hiding under the microphone.

Arise oh my generation full of pretense, eye service and run back to Zion for help.

My generation where competition is the order of the day.
Music Minister’s envied themselves,
Preachers condemned each other. Hmmmm.

No wonder the Bible said (on that day, many will say Lord in ur name I cast out demon’s, in ur name I preach the gospel, in ur name I heal the sick and he will say” depart from me u workers of iniquity. My generation.
There are many preachers, prophet, apostles, evangelist that are full of iniquity. (Hands stained) yet they are telling u about God.

Don’t be deceived brothers and sisters. Don’t do all ur mentor is doing, else u will end in hell like him. Many preached but few are saved.

We look up to many men of God and women of God (mentors). Not all but most of them are not living Christlike.
Knowing God for your self is the best. Else they will tell you how they feel about God.

U see that brother and sister blasting in tongues? Take caution so that u will not be misled. iniquity everywhere.

Christianity is not a name, it’s a personality.

It’s so painful that we no longer have fear anymore. A brother and a sister just finish kissing and both of them still climb the pulpit to sing. This is the reason why the atmosphere is most times covered. U can see the cloud is dew but there is no rain, Bcos of the Chanel in Which it ought to come through.

Please brethren don’t hide under the mic, u can seek for help and only God can help you out.

U see, u can’t live righteously when the person who is righteousness himself is not the root of ur life.
Oh Lord, this deceit and pretense can’t take us anywhere. We need help.
May the Lord help us as we crave for righteousness in Jesus name.

Share and save a soul.


SIS, Deborah Ameh


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