It’s very important to go through some stages before you say Yes I Do

Marriage is a long journey
It’s a forever journey that you can’t afford not to experience some stages before you em back on this journey.

If you miss this 4 stages and jump to stage 5, you’ll definitely regret it in life.

1. FRIENDSHIP STAGE. In this stage, ask her for friendship, build a spirit where you both can see yourselves as best friends to share certain things together. Confiding with one another. If he comes for otherwise, tell him you want friendship

2. DATING STAGE. In this stage, after building your friendship solidly and you are sure it’s smooth and sweet, feel free to ask her for next level of dating. Because friendship character differs from dating characters. Here you start engaging in talks and matters about how you feel for each other, disclose some few secrets etc.

3. SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP. This stage, you are sure your dating stage was successful, you are free to engage in a serious relationship. This stage you should involve your parents and pastors.
Make it known to a few important persons if you choose to. Mind you, don’t disclose your serious relationship stage to many people, don’t trust anybody.

4. ENGAGEMENT STAGE. In this stage, you have to be careful, you have to be sure and certain that he or she is qualified enough to be your life. If your relationship was sweet with him/her and you are seeing that person in your future then you have found a wife/husband.

5. MARRIAGE STAGE. In this last stage, you must have known yourselves well enough to say yes I do
Note, if there are things you found out later not speaking well of your partner to be and you feel you can’t continue, please quit.

But if with all honesty and sincerity you have known and seen the ugliest and finest side of his/her character and you are capable to tolerate each other, please go for Yes I Do.



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