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Thanks for making KogiGospel.com a destination of choice for Gospel Contents. We have been very proud to publish many exciting new articles on various blogs throughout our website. From Music Reviews in New & Old School Releases as well as concerts, News & New Release updates, upcoming Concerts & Festivals, a look at the up and coming new young artists on KG Sport light,

If you would like to have your music or an artist/band featured on KogiGospel, please submit all information to KogiGospel@gmail.com. Please be sure to have a press release and/or bio available. For music, we prefer to have your company send us a copy of your disc over via zip file (MP3) to the same email address listed above. If for some reason you cannot transfer files over, please send an email outlining your reason and perhaps we can make arrangements to have it mailed to us. Please keep in mind: The music we showcase is Gospel.

Also, lyrics in song samples or content in video that express profanity or nudity will not be published.

UPDATE September 21st, 2020: 

We do NOT upload music from our website to any social media If the Package Responsible for that service(s) is not paid for. Music Uploaded on KogiGospel.com are used by permission of said management/record labels/recording artists given as source. Never have – Never will.

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