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Kogi Born and Abuja based Pastor, Arome Wesley has yesterday reeled out the experience he had in a hotel room when he was at the western parts of Nigeria sometimes ago,

Below are the words of Pastor Arome Wesley:
I resolved to share my private experience in a hotel to guide someone. Things happen, and it is safer not to be in the dark.

I will deliberately omit some details, for the sake of litigation. I got a few legal counsels when this event took place, and I will still keep to them.

Earlier this year I checked into a hotel in the western part of Nigeria, the hospitality was warm. The Receptionist, the Chef and the House Keeper, all welcomed me. I felt like a king.

Their POS network was down, so how to pay was a bit of challenge. I was then advised to use an ATM nearby. As I made my way to go, the House Keeper, Femi(real name) accosted me, offering to go use the machine for me. He pressured and pressured, but I wasn’t comfortable with that, so I declined.

It was Chelsea vs Bayern Munich that night….I watched the game and slept off. I woke up about 4.30Am. It was a long sleep that night.

(Meanwhile, I noticed some red substance in the toilet when I returned from using the ATM. I had to touch some on the WC to perceive whether it was closeup toothpaste. Not suspecting anything untoward, I simply cleaned up the spots.)

At about 5.20Am, there was a knock at the door. It was mild but persistent. Eventually, I opened the door. It was Femi, the House Keeper, looking surprised and uncoordinated, visibly shaking. “What’s it”? I asked. ” Sorry, Sir, who are you?” were his first words to me(in whispers)as he kept looking beyond me to have a glimpse of the bed.

Not to bore you with narratives, I asked him to come in, and then the surprise. In his words,

“We did a sacrifice in this room before you checked in. And normally, after that sacrifice, the first person to sleep in the room dies before morning. I have worked with my boss for many years, and this sacrifice has never failed. That was why I wanted to get your card and the PIN details yesterday, so I could easily clear your account immediately.

” I was coming this morning with the Manager’s extra key to quickly empty your bag of valuables before announcing death officially.

“Please help me; my boss mustn’t know I told you anything.”

I was stunned beyond words..

I must mention however that I didnt even have a nightmare that night. God be praised!

I will spare you some details. I actually left out so many details…

Things happen in our society….

My thoughts:

When checking into a hotel, make calls to your people right at the Reception about the details of the hotel. Let the management of the hotel know that people know your whereabouts. Be very sensitive to the voice of the holy Spirit, and above all keep your spirit man too charged for the devil, by praying long in the spirit.


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