1. “Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.”

Give yourself a break on a Sunday – make a concerted effort to do something fun. Watch your favorite movie, cook your favorite dish, or read a good book that you have no time to read during the weekdays. Do whatever makes you happy and you’ll see the great golden clasp in life is the impact that do what you like will make on your happiness.

2. “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

Be a light to anyone you meet along the way. Inspire others by being a good communicator and setting a good example.This applies whoever you go whiter that be work, school, church – make an effort to be happy and shine for light upon others.

3. ” Smile more than you cry, give more than you take and love more than you hate.”

Stay out from negativism and always look on the bright  side of everything.This quote applies all through the week and weekend, we should always strive to be as happy as we can be. Every great opportunity that we come across each day is one of life’s blessings.

4. “Do what makes your soul shine.”

Do whatever you think replenish your soul from over working. People need to focus more on spending their time on what makes them happy. Happiness is the best medicine for the soul.

5. “There is always something new to learn and feel each Sunday.”

Learning is a continuous process. Explore, discover, and learn new things when you get a chance! Life isn’t a race, and there is something new to be learned in every single day.


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