Artiste Name: Silver

Song Title: Thy Will Be Done

THY WILL BE DONE was birthed in a place of prayer. My family and I had this special prayer session some time ago. And as prayer points were raised and this song sprang forth from my spirit. Some part of the verse and the chorus. The song was developed over time. Now it’s blessing lives, God is praised!

And the song is still doing a great work in me. Whenever I catch myself trying to be self-dependent, trying to do things my way and I listen to this song. I just get redirected.

I am David Ajifa Blessing known as Silver. Well, Ajifa means Silver.

I was born in Abuja and I’m from Kogi state. I’ve got a lovely Dad Mr. David Amana. My sweet Mum Mrs. Cecilia Amana. And I have four older brothers Jerry, Jeph, Israel, Elisha.

Yes! You guessed right, I am the only female child. I am blessed amongst men. So be careful how Y’all deal with me haha.

I was born on the 5th of March 1995 into this beautiful musical family. We all are into music one way or the other.
I love to sing, read, dance not that I’m a dancer though.

I am a graduate of Accounting. I studied in the Republic Of Benin. Universite Cerco Republique du Benin.

I do music full time right now, with other side businesses. And I work with an amazing, powerful gospel artist Pastor Elijah Oyelade and it has been a real learning experience for me.

I’ll end on this note…Please stay yielded to God’s will. He loves you crazy and his plans for you are for your benefit. To give you a beautiful future. Let him work in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. God’s blessings!

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