Onuche Daniel (A K A) Angel’Danny is an upcoming gospel artiste who thirsts for The Lord in whatever he does, and his desire both day and night is to see God been glorified in his life.

He was called into this music ministry at age 10 when he started learning drums, everyone around him thought he will end up being a drummer, but because of God’s love and plans for his life, he became a professional pianist which brings him closer to the plans of God for him.

Whenever he finds himself on keys, he will hear a voice which always instruct him to sing for the Lord, but that became so hard for him because he never had any intention of singing, although, he is a choir member but was not recognized as a serious singer, but because of God who makes use of anyone he wishes to, like he made use of Moses the back then, Angel’Danny became a song writer which has written so many songs that are yet to be released.

In appreciation for what God has done in his life, he has been able to release one of his songs,
Titled: OBA-OGO which means:KING OF GLORY, Indeed, God is a king of glory because he blesses whosoever he wishes to, all glory unto him(GOD) alone! (Amen)
Stay tuned as more of his songs will be dropped soon.

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Óba Ogo Lyrics

Óba Ogo You Alone Are God (4×)

Verse 1:
Father you reign in all the earth yes you reign
You are more than what people say
In humble adoration I will bow before your throne
Because only you deserve my praise, only you deserve my worship
I will lift my voice to you óba ogo

Óba Ogo You Alone Are God (4×)

Verse 2:
Alfa and omega the beginning and the end
King of all the earth hallelujah to your name
Lord God almighty the maker of the universe
Lifter of my head,the mighty man of war
What a glorious God you are
What a faithful God you are
Óba ogo,olorun alaaye,the lover of my soul
Arabaribiti aribirabata,kiniun eya judah,you’re greater than what people say

Óba Ogo You Alone Are God (16×)


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