This song Beautiful Yahweh came by inspiration as I was playing my guitar and worshipping God. That day, as I was worshipping God at home, I began to declare how mighty, beautiful and loving God is and then, the song came. As this song was birthed from worship, I pray the Holy Spirit will breathe upon it to enable all to worship in Jesus name.

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My name is Faith Ufedojo Aku. I am an Igala lady from Kogi State of Nigeria but born and brought up in Kaduna. By the grace of God, I am a songwriter, vocalist and a gospel musician. I started singing as a toddler. My mother told me that my first words spoken was a song. Since then I have always loved music. I decided under God to release this single titled “Beautiful Yahweh”.

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Instagram handle: Ufedo_aku
Facebook: Ufedo
Twitter: Ufedo


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